Unleashing the Power of Creativity: The Benefits of Creative Writing

In a world brimming with facts and figures, there’s a quiet yet profound force that often goes unnoticed: creativity. It’s the spark that ignites innovation. Recently, MYP 4 ELL students were asked to write their own stories. They all have done an astonishing job, indeed. This is proof that creativity isn’t just a luxury; it’s a lifeline, a passport to unexplored realms of possibility.

First and foremost, creative writing fosters self-expression. For students navigating the intricate maze of language acquisition, finding their voice can be a daunting task. However, through the medium of storytelling, barriers dissolve, and words become bridges connecting inner thoughts to outer worlds. MYP 4 ELL students’ stories are not merely a collection of words on paper; they are a testament to their unique perspective, their dreams, fears, and aspirations woven into the fabric of their narrative.

Moreover, creative writing nurtures critical thinking skills. As students craft characters, plotlines, and settings, they engage in a process of problem-solving akin to solving a puzzle. Every word is a piece of the puzzle, every sentence a clue leading to the resolution.

Read through some students’ work.

As I felt the morning approaching through my window, I came to a conclusion that there is no way to tell Aria that she should stay out of my life because she was never really in it, just the same way Gianna only came around recently. The more I thought about it, the more confused I got. I decided to investigate the situation before. Firstly, I have to ask around if anyone knows Aria, so, the first thing I did was walk up to Veronica because she knows everything about everyone. “Hey Veronica, you remember the weird girl?,” I said.

I was so exhausted because I didn’t get any sleep, and it was morning. Usually, I would get annoyed by how energized she is, but I don’t even care anymore. “Who?” Veronica asked. Obviously, she doesn’t remember. “Aria, I don’t know her second name.” I said irritated.”
It is really cold in here. My head hurts, as if I was in a fight, as if someone hit me with something heavy. I wanted to touch it, to make sure everything is okay, but instead I heard sounds of metal. I opened my eyes and saw hand-coughs on my arms. And even more surprising for me was that I saw blood. It was all over me. What happened? My head turned and I saw my reflection in the mirrored- window. “Oh, familiar place..” I was here already, never thought that I would be here again. Interrogation room. My look was pretty questionable, even for me: dirty clothes, blood all over my body, scratched cheek, and bruised knuckles. I don’t remember anything. But my eyes burn inside, have I cried? Steppes outside of the room were getting louder and louder. Then, slowly, door had opened and policeman entered. It continued with a slamming sound. Echo has spread through the room, hitting my ears with a heavy and sonorous noise. I grimaced and grunted in pain. My ears were sensitive at that moment. Really sensitive. “I apologise for that, sir”, said policeman. He had walked past me and sat in front of my seat. He opened a pack of documents and looked at them, one by one. “Noah Carter, right?” “Indeed, that is my name”, this person wasn’t feeling uncomfortable, not his first case. He’s about my age on first look.”
The week after his first visit in the city, things began to worsen, the food became scarce, as the soldiers took as much with them, and the old men ate the rest. The first issue had arisen. First problem for the only healthy man in town, get food for him, and for the rest of the city. It was at this time that the fish began migrating, it was at this time that the fishers would have true fortunes from the sea. And so, the man boarded his ship and sailed out of the docks. The sea was weak, there were no waves, but this time there were many gigantic fish. He with the gained skills from the voyages with his father, knew that if he even caught only one half of the seine that he threw to the shallow ocean, he and all the old man would be fed. After the entire day he decided to see what he caught with the seine ship. To his major disappointment and dissatisfaction, he had caught four fish, four tiny mackerels. This would not even suffice for a single old man’s lunch. Not to mention his own food requirements.”

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