Unexpected Success: How a Student Surpassed Expectations with a Multiple Choice Exam”

In the world of academic assessment, multiple choice exams have long been a part of  educational assessment. Providing a structured format for evaluating students’ knowledge and understanding of course material. However, they can also provide surprising opportunities for students to excel, even when they may not be considered the top performers in their class.

Meet Emma :

Emma is a DP student who has always enjoyed learning but has struggled to understand some mathematical concepts in her Precalculus class. While she possesses a keen interest in the subject matter, she often finds herself facing challenges when it comes to class exercises and formative tests. Through her efforts, Emma’s performance has been improving in class.

Recently, we had  a mock exam which, was partly a multiple choice exam, to assess their understanding of polynomial, rational, logarithmic and exponential functions. Leading up to the exam, Emma remained apprehensive about her performance, knowing that she was not considered the top student in her Precalculus class.

Surprisingly, Emma achieved the highest score in the class despite not being the best in class by traditional measures.

Emma’s success on the multiple choice exam highlights several key benefits of this assessment format for students who may not excel in traditional academic settings.

Emma’s story serves as a reminder that academic success can come in unexpected forms, and multiple choice exams can provide valuable opportunities for students to shine, regardless of their perceived academic standing.


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