Year 2 and their drumming

This month in music, the Y2 class has been learning about different musical instruments and how the sounds are created on each instrument. We have had fun exploring the different sounds that can be made with the keyboard instruments, string instruments, drums, or trumpets. So far the drums have been the favorite of the majority of the class. They enjoyed learning about beat and rhythm and experimenting to create their own rhythmic patterns. Though there is not possible to play a melody on the drum instrument because it is an unpitched instrument, various combinations of short and long sounds can be performed on this instrument. The kids created various interesting rhythms, faster, slower, some more chaotic, some more structured. We have learned that repetition is important in music as it brings structure and unity of the musical piece.

Blowing the trumpet was hard but some students already at this age have strong lungs to make a sound out of the trumpet. But the lip technique is also important!

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