External PE: climbing to the top

Primary has completed successfully their climbing training in K2 Lezecka Stena. This external Physical Education started on the 3rd of November and finished on the 15th of November.

The lessons started with warm-ups in order to raise body temperature and improve performance, mental awareness and emotional self-control. To end up the lessons, students did some stretches to improve posture, range of motion and overall mobility.

In the first lesson, the students found out what types of equipment are necessary for climbing and why. Also, we learned basic safety instructions to have a safe experience.

During the following lessons, we learned the first steps to climb a wall and how to abseil down, a simple method of descending ropes that gets you back to the ground quickly. In addition, we learn about automatic belay systems.

This kind of body awareness training builds fine motor skills and hand-eye coordination; increases strength, endurance, and flexibility; improves decision-making skills and focus. All of these benefits have been developed in a playful environment and, undoubtedly, addressing the pertinent goals, regarding the students’ ages.

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