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Anna won a Texas Scramble!

Have you ever heard of Texas Scramble?

No, it’s not a scrambled eggs dish if you thought about it like me hearing it for the first time. 

Well, it turns out it’s a special type of golf. It’s one of the most popular golf formats that can be played in teams of twos, threes and fours. 

And we have a good chance to congratulate our student Anna from MYP4 (and her father) with winning the tournament at Welten Golf Club Báč, which is a traditional golf club near Šamorín. In this particular tournament were 46 pairs of golfers (92 golfers) competing! 

Anna explained how this Texas Scramble is played: “The kind of tournament that it was, was called Texas Scramble. The way that it is played is that there are two players playing as a team, always using the better of two shots to reach the lowest score combined. From the total number of shots the average handicap of the players is deducted. Who the pair with the lowest score wins. This type of tournament is played on a total of 18 holes. I was playing in a pair with my father and our game was solid and we are humbled that we managed to win that day.”

Anna started playing golf 5 years ago when she moved to Slovakia and started competing in tournaments only last year. Now, she trains under the guidance of a British pro-golfer Tom Davies. 

Well Done!

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