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Pre-School meets the rock guitar

Combining preschool education with rock guitar in music lessons can be a creative and engaging way to introduce young children to the world of music.

At the begining of each academic year the students of all ages are introduced to various instruments. This year I introduced the rock (electric) guitar to preschoollers. How to hold the guitar, how to strum, how to strum one string. How to start the rockstar journey is first about rhythm exploration.

We used also other percussion instruments, such as drums and shakers, that preeschoollers could feel the beat and grooved to the rhythm. Singing and dancing along with jamming on the guitar help kids to express themselves freely. It is not just about learning music, it is about embracing the joy of making noise and having fun. The preschoolers love to draw; by creating the vibrant posters that feature guitars, drums, musical notes and colorful rock motifs makes the music room looking a rockstar stage! They were such nice posters that every kid wanted to take it home with them, so nothing is left in the music room at this moment.

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