Class parents

In an effort to better support teachers and communicaiton with parents, EISB PTA will begin their Class Parent program.

Class parents play an essential role facilitating communication between teachers, parents, and the school.

Being a class parent can be a fun and interactive role.  A great way to get to know your child’s class, your teachers and being involved in the EISB community.

What might I be asked to do?

The first and most important task is to first meet with class teacher to determine his/her needs during the school year.

At minimum, collects information and shares that between Parents, Teacher and School.

Other responsibilities may include:

  • Join planning meetings with school leadership sharing parents concerns for class and larger school-wide activities and policies.
  • Prepare a class contact list
  • Share information on upcoming events
  • Organise a welcome for new families
  • …..

Who can be a class parent?

Someone who is willing
Someone is who available
Someone who can communicate in English

Class parents will be chosen through the PTA. If you are intersted in being or supporting Class Parents or would just like more information, please contact Tania Farrow .

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