Designing costumes and habitats: Birds

In Group 3, Johan and Lucas were buzzing with excitement as they worked on their bird costumes. Lucas used colorful fabrics to mimic parrot feathers, while Johan got inspired by feather-covered shorts from a thrift store. Both were inspired by the ARAKOVO Parrot visit in February.

Johan made eagle wings from cardboard, making them extra long like real eagle wings. He added real feathers and painted cardboard beak and talons orange for a realistic look.

Lucas repurposed a vampire cape for his wings, enjoying the bright red color. He decorated his costume with various feathers and fabrics, and a classmate’s parrot hat added a fun touch.

To complete their project, they made a cardboard tree as a habitat, adding leaves and sticks. Johan even added an emu egg from his grandparents to his nest.

Their teamwork and attention to detail made their costumes and habitat come to life, turning a simple project into a colorful and collaborative adventure.




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  • Wonderful costumes!


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