Student Highlight: Emiliia (MYP2)

In their previous unit, MYP 2 students explored various innovations/ inventions/ discoveries and the impact they have had on the world.

For their summative assessment project, students were encouraged to choose a topic that was personally interesting to them. Emiliia chose the discovery of evolution and explored the question “How has the discovery of evolution impacted the world?”. She then created a well-written and organized report to demonstrate her knowledge and understanding of the topic, including different perspectives on the discovery of gravity.

Emiliia worked diligently on her report and the final product is well-written, organized, and professional looking. Moreover, her work demonstrates strong knowledge and understanding of evolution and the impact its discovery has had on the world.

Importantly, and per the assignment instructions, Emiliia’s report also included a title page, an action plan, a bibliography, and an OPVL analysis (an analysis of one of the sources she used to write her report). 

Here is the link to Emiliia’s presentation on “The Discovery of Evolution and How it Impacted the World”. Feel free to take a look!

“The Discovery of Evolution and How it Impacted the World” – By Emiliia (MYP2)

Keep up the great work, Emiliia!

One thought on “Student Highlight: Emiliia (MYP2)

  • Keep up the great work Emiliia! I am very proud of you!


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