Exploring Contemporary Performance: A Creative Journey with Projectors

Using a projector that blends art and technology? There are no limits, no boundaries that could be set in contemporary performance. Using a projector can offer a lot of exciting possibilities. For example, dynamic drawings that come to life in a performance setting. This innovative activity is a perfect example of contemporary performance, a vibrant and evolving art form that distinguishes itself from classical drama in several intriguing ways.

Contemporary performance is a genre that encompasses a wide range of artistic practices. It often merges different forms of media and artistic expressions, including visual art, digital technology, and live action. Unlike classical drama, which adheres to traditional scripts and structured storytelling, contemporary performance is more fluid and experimental. It focuses on the experience of the audience, often breaking the fourth wall and inviting viewers to become part of the performance.

One key difference between contemporary performance and classical drama is the approach to storytelling. Classical drama relies on established narratives, character arcs, and dialogues to convey its message. It often follows a linear plot, with a clear beginning, middle, and end.

In contrast, contemporary performance may not follow a traditional narrative structure. It can be abstract, nonlinear, and open to interpretation. This form of performance often explores themes in unconventional ways, using movement, sound, visuals, and interactive elements to create an immersive experience.

Recently, our students tried to explore working with a projector, exploring various ways of its usage.


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