American Week through sports

America means sports. Many American athletes stand out in different kinds of sports: tennis, basketball, football or athletics. Some of these athletes are known worldwide for their performances, but also because their stories can teach values such as teambuilding, equality, discipline, inclusion and respect.

Following the EISB Primary philosophy, which supports “the use of modern educational teaching methods that take advantage of holistic learning opportunities to develop developing Independent Learners”, in Physical Education we have enjoyed different activities linked to the American culture.

Preschool, Year 1 and Year 2

The lesson started off with a presentation of two representative objects of sports in the USA: a football and a basketball. From there, it gave rise to a debate about what sports we could practice with these objects. It was a remarkable brainstorming, in which the students brought their ideas and experiences to light.

Afterward, we did an American flag puzzle run, a physical-cognitive game. The students practiced their speed, short-term memory and teamwork.

Finally, the children explored different games with basketballs and footballs.

Year 3, Year 4, Year 5 and Year 6

We started the lesson with some slides about the most popular sports in the USA and a representative athlete from each sport. We discussed the stories of these athletes and their legacy to society. It was fascinating to listen to their reflections and how they feel sports as a tool to develop several kinds of skills.

Secondly, they made different teams to play basketball games. However, before starting, the participants received several proposals on which logo they could choose to represent their team. In other words, the students had to agree on which logo to choose, practicing their communicative skills.

Finally, it was time for the basketball game. A fun time to play as a team while we were immersed in the American week.

*Y6 pictures will be uploaded ASAP.

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