“Happy Math Christmas” (ep. 2)

For all of us in EISB, both the PYP and the MYP, it is important that our learners acquire mathematical understanding by constructing their own meaning through increasing levels of abstraction, starting with an exploration of their own personal experiences, understandings and knowledge.

The EISB MYP programme challenges learners to be curious, ask questions and explore and interact with the environment physically, socially and intellectually. Through engaging in this process, learners are able to construct meaning about mathematics concepts, transfer this meaning to symbols and apply mathematical understanding in familiar and unfamiliar situations.

The knowledge, skills and attitudes that students develop in mathematics courses provide a meaningful foundation for further study and help to prepare students for careers in, for example, climate research, actuary and insurance work, public-policy development, engineering, financial analysis and economic development, research and analysis, software development, biostatistics and epidemiology, law or medicine.

An MYP mathematics programme should be tailored to the needs of students

“MYP Mathematics guide”

After having completed MYP1, which was an introductory year to the MYP programme, our MYP2 learners work towards further developing a strong mathematical knowledge base that will allow them to study a wide range of topics. Through this process they also work on communicating their ideas in ways that allow others to understand their thinking.

In MYP 2, so far, we have been working on:

  • Whole numbers
  • Directed numbers
  • Operating with integers
  • Order of operations
  • Properties of numbers
  • Fractions and problem solving

We have prepared a Christmas Revision Booklet tailor made to our EISB MYP 2 learners. Just 15 minutes per day is enough to keep them in contact with Math throughout the Holiday season.


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