Exhibition Day at English International School of Bratislava- Physics edition

On March 27th, the English International School of Bratislava was buzzing with excitement as we hosted our annual Exhibition Day. This event provided our students with the opportunity to showcase their learning and creativity with engaging and insightful projects.

Our MYP 4 students stole the show with their live demonstrations that delved into the fascinating world of magnetic fields and wave sound. Their ability to articulate complex concepts and visualize them for the audience was truly commendable. Additionally, their demonstrations on dynamic and static friction were both informative and engaging, sparking curiosity and fostering a deeper understanding of these fundamental principles.

I would like to highlight the remarkable commitment and ingenuity of our students in explaining subatomic particles using models they created themselves. Their enthusiasm and dedication to understanding the intricacies of the universe are a testament to their passion for learning and the quality of education they are receiving at our school.

Our MYP 5 students showcased their knowledge through a series of informative posters on topics such as special relativity, thermal physics, and forces. Their ability to convey complex theories and principles in a clear and concise manner is a testament to their hard work and the guidance they have received from our dedicated teachers.

Not to be outdone, our MYP 1 students wowed the audience with their live demonstrations of two experiments. The first experiment demonstrated how to obtain velocity from a can on an inclined plane, while the second showcased a method for determining the density of irregularly shaped objects, such as rocks. Their ability to explain these experiments to both passing assistants and parents was impressive, highlighting their understanding and mastery of the subject matter.

Exhibition Day was a resounding success, thanks to the hard work, creativity, and dedication of our students. It was inspiring to see them engage with complex scientific concepts with such enthusiasm and confidence. I would like to extend my heartfelt gratitude to all the students, teachers, and parents who contributed to making this event a memorable and enriching experience for everyone involved.

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