Intensive English Program- Sfumato Reading Technique

Intensive English Program- Sfumato Reading Technique

Sfumato reading is an unique reading methodology based on children working with their voices; they undergo voice training. This technique brings benefits especially for children who struggle with reading in their first steps:

-Children interchange letters

-Children have problems reading so-called ‘difficult words’ (words containing consonant clusters)

-Children need to rehearse before they read

-Children fail to distinguish between long and short vowels

-Children fail to read with understanding; their eyes go back to what they have already read because they do not know what it is that they have read

The children are trained in alphabet sounds. They tell each letter sound long. For example in a word ZEBRA, they sing starting with the sound “zzzzzzzzz”, they hold the sound for several seconds until they say long “e” sound and so on. The word after sounds like:


-Fluent reading is a characteristic feature of the “Blended Reading® ” technique. Speech sounds are connected to each other

-Users of the Blended Reading technique do not need to rehearse

-Children do not mix letters up and and they do not interchange one letter with another

-Blended Reading gives children time and space to find their own reading pace. It is their own Central Nervous System that determines their reading pace, depending on how fast they process the feedback created when reading

-Children understand what they read, they hear the whole word and not the part of it

We use this sfumato technique during the Intensive English lessons. Every child learns to read his/her own way and pace. It is necessary to  be a creative teacher-professional, search for new reading  techniques and help children with reading difficulties to succeed.

Ms. Eva Gogova

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