Carnevale in Venice

Carnevale was first celebrated in Venice in 1094 and has been officially sanctioned in that city since 1296. During the Middle Ages and the Renaissance Carnevale celebrations were popular throughout Europe. Venetian masks were traditionally worn to protect the identity of the wearer and were eventually worn during the Venetian Carnival. The rich entertained poor people through such events.

The celebration takes place over ten days in which people dress up and take part in organized parades or simple processions on the street. The costumes are seventeenth-century Venetian dresses, very much like if they were from a painting by Canaletto. Numerous events and balls are organized during this period. Venice’s main Carnevale events are centered around the Piazza San Marco, but events are held in every sestiere, or quarter, of Venice. There are gondola and boat parades along the Grand Canal, a mask parade in Piazza San Marco, and a special Carnevale for Children event in the Cannaregio district.

The students from the Environmental Club virtually traveled to Venice and really enjoyed working on their carnival masks. Every single one made very original masks and they all look fabulous. They are displayed in our school lobby.

Ms. Eva Gogova

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