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Theater during Covid? Look no further – at EISB the show must go on!

The informative poster

Even Covid cannot stop the creative blood flowing through the veins of the Year 3 students. They made a show. And you were invited. And then Covid inteferred. But, as they say in showbiz… the SHOW MUST GO ON. And so it does. You are now invited to watch the EISB sponsored production of The Three Little Pigs and the Big Good Wolf (and a Fox) on Youtube, in the comfort of your home. Just grab your popcorn, get comfortable and enjoy the show here:

After watching Tri Prasiatka at the theater downtown, students were inspired to demonstrate their knowledge of their Unit 1 topic on electricity through theater. Electricity and theater? At EISB, teachers do not say no to growing seedlings of inspiration. And so, the script was written, lines were learned, plans were made, electricity was studied, and VOILA!

Our trip to the theater.

It all seems so very simple, however, as all of them would attest, behind the creative process was a lot of planning, studying and getting things to work (and sometimes not). Below are a selection of photos which try to do justice to this great effort put forth by each and every one of the following Year 3 students: Sofia, Greta, Veronica, Arnika, Olivia, Branko, Robert, Amir and Janko. Congratulations guys. From: a very proud teacher.

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