La Navidad

Navidad is what we call Christmas in Spanish, and it is celebrated in many different ways throughout the Hispanic world. In some countries, it is traditional to set up a Nativity Scene and Christmas Tree on the 8th of December, Christmas Eve (Nochebuena) falls on the 24th of December and Christmas Day on the 25th. The Christmas season usually lasts until the 6th of January, when the Day of the 3 Magi (Día de Reyes or Día de los Reyes Magos) is celebrated. However, for the last few years, Venezuela has began celebrating the Christmas period from as early as October!

Our Spanish students celebrated this festivity by using their artistic, language and cooking skills. Students in Phase 1 adorned and wrote Chritsmas wishes on wooden decorations. Students in Phase 2.2 recorded themselves following a recipe for typical Christmas cookies. And students in Phase 3 wrote and decorated letters to Father Christmas.

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