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“Empowering English Learners: Tailored Teaching for Year 1 Students”

For many  Year 1 students learning English is learning a second language, I focus on providing tailored support and engaging activities to meet the diverse needs of each student.

In our classroom, I use a variety of activities to help students practice English in both group and individual settings. Group activities encourage collaboration and language practice with peers, while individual tasks allow students to work at their own pace, reinforcing language skills comfortably.

I understand that every student learns English differently, so teaching methods are adjusted to suit their needs. Some may need extra help with vocabulary or pronunciation, while others may be ready for more challenging tasks. It is important to be patient and provide support as needed, ensuring that each student feels confident in their language-learning journey.

It is important to create a welcoming environment where every student feels valued and capable of learning English. and help them to gain a love for language learning.

Ms. Eva Gogova

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