Chemistry in Nature

How do constituent particles of matter define the properties, form and function of any material? Interacting with the natural world, people have developed materials based on the interaction between the function and form of their constituent particles.

Statement of Inquiry

The task.

Our MYP1 “scientists” were asked to investigate one of the three categories of elements (Metals – Non metals – Metalloids)

They were asked to.
a) Find out the properties of these elements.
b) Explain these properties by giving examples.
c) Write down a general definition of each property.
d) Explore uses of these elements in everyday life and explain the reasons
why specific elements are used for specific work.


Their work.


Non metals by Jozef & Dimi

Metals by Hugo

Metalloids by Miro, Sasha & Nastia

Metals by Oliver

And Last but not Least a bonus video made by Dimi @2019

Non metals by Dimi

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