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MYP 4&5 Book covers

The students of MYP 4&5 chose their favorite books and they changed the cover of those books according to their perspective of what will be better representing those books and their genres. All of those book covers were drawn from scratch using a tracking pad/tablet.

This book cover is for Sherlock Holmes and the game of shadow. The idea from this new book cover was to show more of the elements of what makes a good detective book. From the magnifying glass to the footsteps, this book cover will surely grab the attention of many.

This book cover is for The Little Prince. The idea after the new book cover was to show more of the fiction elements of the story, as well as showing more of the main characters in the book as to make it more interesting.

The fault in Our Stars, a Romantic Tragedy book. The original book cover looked as if it was for a happy story. The new book cover aims to indicate that the story is indeed a sad one, yet the typography chosen shows that it is a Romantic one as well. The choice of the stars and planets is not only a play on words of the title, but also to show that death is not the end and the loved ones will be looking down on us from above.

Scythe is a Sci-Fi book. The new book cover shows the main character in a different perspective than the original book cover as in to show that there is more to them than what meets the eyes. The colors were chosen to show more mystery and fiction elements to the book cover.

Hong lou meng ( Dream of the Red Chamber) is a Drama/Romantic book. The new book cover was chosen to be drawn with all of those colors to show further more the beauty of the traditional clothing that was worn by those characters.

The final book cover is for the Autobiography, Ride of a life time. The new book cover has the CEO of the Walt Disney Company to emphasis more on it being an Autobiography as the original one had only a scenery of stairs going upwards.

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