Individuals and Societies: Independent learning

“Independent learning is a method or process of learning that gives students ownership and control over their own growth. The student who independently learns controls, oversees, and assesses their own learning process, and gains knowledge from their deeds, informing further growth and direction.”

MYP1 Individuals and Societies students leading their own learning

Their task was to access the website “” and try their best following the learning path of their choice

What is Mapzone?

Mapzone is a learning zone OS has created for children. It presents key geography skills in a fun and interactive way.

“The self-directed learner has the freedom to choose wisely, establish objectives, and decide how to meet his educational, social and emotional needs. Additionally, the independent learner assumes responsibility for planning and carrying out their education, keeping track of their progress toward achieving their educational objectives, and self-evaluating the results of the learning process.”

Once their learning journey is achieved, students will be able to work on a booklet that will allow them to verify their understanding.


This interesting website also offers a set of interactive activities that will allow students to not only take a break from their path but also review the topic while having fun


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