Exploring the Impact of Temperature Variation on Bridge Deflection: An IB Physics Investigation

I am thrilled to share an engaging and insightful exploration undertaken by one of our talented students at the English International School of Bratislava as part of the IB Physics Higher Level curriculum. This investigation delves into a critical aspect of structural engineering—assessing the influence of weight loads and temperature variation on the deflection of wood beam bridges.

This investigation aims to model and understand how weight loads impact a wood beam bridge’s deflection under different temperature conditions. By measuring the deflection caused by a determined weight over the bridge’s center of mass, the study seeks to offer insights into the behavior of structures under varying stress and temperature environments.

The results of this investigation have provided valuable insights into the relationship between weight loads, temperature, and bridge deflection. Understanding how temperature influences a bridge’s structural integrity is pivotal in designing resilient and durable infrastructure. The conclusion drawn from this analysis is vital not only for the academic pursuit but also for real-world applications in architectural design and engineering.

The student behind this investigation aspires to become an architect, aiming to create iconic landmarks that transcend borders and leave a lasting impact on platforms like Instagram. However, this ambition is coupled with a keen awareness of the impending climate crisis. This consciousness has driven the student to explore how different structures respond to temperature changes, recognizing the significance of this knowledge in shaping the future of sustainable architecture.

This investigation exemplifies the interdisciplinary nature of the IB curriculum, encouraging students to apply scientific principles to real-world scenarios. It empowers students to address global challenges while fostering a deep understanding of the interconnectedness between science, technology, and societal needs.

At our school, we celebrate such initiatives that not only showcase academic excellence but also demonstrate a profound sense of responsibility towards global issues.

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