Do we like fish? Yes, we do!

Our Student-Made bar chart

The students have voted, and the results are in!
Fish were the most popular vertebrate group in Year 2.
Surprised? Us too.

Some colourful student-made posters to display the different animal groups

We also looked at some animals who are very good at playing hide-and-seek!

our camouflaged animals

We learned 3 ways that animals hide:
– colour
– patterns
– mimicry

Do you know what “mimicry” is?
Our students can tell you many animals that mimic other animals, and why.
Ask them to share their knowledge with you. 🙂

and speaking of hide-and-seek… here’s that pesky Mrs. Frog.

It looks like our cheeky frog has been sunbathing on our new leaves.
No flies in here, Mrs. Frog!

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