A Healthy Lifestyle designed by MYP 4

Let me share with you the completion of a unique and extensive project by MYP 4 here at EISB. The project was designed to promote healthy living and a balanced lifestyle, and involved several components related to nutrition and fitness.

For the first part of the project, students were tasked with tracking their own nutrition over the course of 5 days. This was to expose students to the concept of being more aware of the own nutritional intake and give them a little bit of insight as to their own meals. After their own analysis, students were tasked with creating a meal plan for a week. They were given a nutrition diary to follow and had to design at least three meals per day for five days, amounting to a total of 15 meals. Each meal had to include the nutritional facts, such as the macronutrients and micronutrients measured in grams, and a list of ingredients with their nutritional values. This exercise helped students understand the importance of balanced and healthy eating habits.

First, students figured out their own daily recommended amounts.
Students tracked 5 days of meals and their nutritional values.
Students reflected on their results and their ability to meet their daily goals.

In the second part of the project, students were required to identify three specific components of fitness goals to focus on. They then outlined a range of exercises that would help achieve each goal, and described how the exercise is connected to the goal. This exercise allowed students to apply their knowledge of exercise physiology and gain a deeper understanding of how exercise can help achieve fitness goals.

Finally, for the third part of the project, students outlined an 8-station circuit based on the exercises they selected. The circuit was designed to demonstrate their understanding of effective plans and was based on the presidential fitness test. The circuit included various exercises that challenged different muscle groups and helped students develop overall fitness.

Overall, this project was an excellent opportunity for the students to develop a deeper understanding of the importance of healthy living and balanced nutrition. It also allowed them to apply their knowledge of exercise physiology to design a workout plan that supports their fitness goals. I’m proud of the effort I have seen from this class and their progress that they have made toward their own personal fitness goals and towards living a healthy lifestyle!

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