Schools fulfilling a Skills Gap in the Labor Market

What types of candidates are you looking for? What skills do you wish you had more access to?  How to better develop, identify and recruit necessary talent?

These are the issues that were addressed in the most recent Teaching Towards Tomorrow event on 3 Nov. hosted by the English International School of Bratislava (EISB) in cooperation with the British Chamber of Commerce.

Jaymes Regualos, Education Director at EISB, and founder of the Teaching Toward Tomorrow series explained its Skills-based Educational approach and desire to better cooperate with market leaders on the development of skills companies are seeking.

To do so requires a better understanding of the market, its current and future needs, and the platform to discuss ways education can better fulfill that gap.  Key speakers on the event included Irene Mandl from European Labour Authority,  Tatiana Hargašová (Silná) from KPMG in Slovakia, Schweizer Daniela from Jaguar Land Rover Slovensko, Katarína Nováková from Lugera The People Republic Slovakia.

Hearing from multiple sides of the industry provided invaluable insight into finding solutions. Key to that is the cooperation of strategic players in a collaborative manner to find mutually beneficial approaches.

EISB is focusing to further develop its approach to provide students better professional opportunities.  It was encouraging to hear its primary focus developing skills in Learning, Thinking, Reasoning and Communication are in line with current and future trends along with key determiners in future success.  Other skills mentioned include creativity, flexibility and leadership.   

Future Teaching Towards Tomorrow events will delve deeper into “How these skills are developed,” both for students and employees, along with changes to the market that encourage this growth.

Thanks go to Žaneta Kúdelová, Executive Director and Lenka Nemeškalová of the British Chamber for organizing the event.

If you’d like to receive information on further events, please contact EISB or the British Chamber of Commerce..

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