Building a Better Snack

MYP 1 design and create healthy snack boxes for year 6 students.

Recently, MYP1 (Year 7) completed a unique interdisciplinary unit for their design and health classes. MYP 1 was tasked with designing and creating a snack box that was both tasty and healthy, specifically tailored to the preferences of Year 6 students.

To start, the MYP 1 students conducted interviews with Year 6 students to find out what they liked to eat. Using this information, they built a snack box that included foods that the Year 6 students enjoyed, while also ensuring that the snacks were healthy and nutritious.

After selecting the snacks, the MYP 1 students researched the nutritional information for each item to make sure that they met the requirements for a balanced diet. They recorded the nutritional information and created a data sheet that displayed the information in a clear way. They then made sketches of the snack box and used clay to create small sculptures of the snacks, which they shaded using pastel chalks to make them look as realistic as possible.

Finally, the MYP 1 students presented their snack boxes to the Year 6 students and received their approval. The snack boxes offered many different healthy options ranging from chicken to sushi and even including some desserts such as chocolate cake ( which can still be healthy depending on your macros).

By focusing on the preferences of the Year 6 students, the MYP 1 students were able to create a snack box that was not only healthy, but also enjoyable and appealing to the younger students. This project also gave them an opportunity to learn new skills, such as using clay and shading with pastel chalks, and to practice presenting their work to an audience.

Overall, the MYP 1 students should be proud of their work on this project, which demonstrates their creativity, research skills, and dedication to promoting healthy eating habits. Below you can see a slideshow that will present the different stages of the project from the questionnaire for Year 6 students to the final box that was presented.

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