3D Set Designs in the Spotlight!

Finally we have arrived to the final stage of our exciting set design project with Y7 Drama students. After agreeing on their story, students worked hard in groups to draw an initial 2D sketch of a particular scene from it. As a second step they were assembling the 3D mini model based on their sketches of the stage with set, props and even characters. We also learned about the nature of lighting and why is it considered as an important element of theatre – how can different colours, shades, strength and directions of lights express mood, generate atmosphere and help a story to evolve. Students mastered the skill of utilising the lighting equipment consciously and with care when they designed their own lighting set up for their maquettes. We also had a little presentation in front of teachers and older students with great success.

We hope to use and showcase our knowledge and expertise in our upcoming annual Drama event soon! So stay tuned for more news!

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