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Celebrating Cultures @ EISB

In today’s interconnected world, celebrating cultures has become more important than ever.  While encouraging globalism, at the same time the headlines inundate us with conflict and division.

International schools, by its very nature, provide a unique platform to counter this through the celebration of cultures which bring together people from various corners of the globe, offer a unique opportunity to foster a rich tapestry of traditions, languages, and perspectives.

EISB’s Culture Weeks program does just this as the learning community is exposed to its wealth of traditions from over 30 different countries throughout the world.

Culture Weeks offers each culture is an entire week to share parts of their culture with the community in an experiential manner celebrating traditions, food, dance, language, perspectives, etc.

Annually the school celebrates multiple winter holidays, at least 4 different New Year’s celebrations, spring celebrations and even various fall Thanksgivings.  This fall EISB will celebrate the US thanksgiving, as well as Canadian thanksgiving, Indian Divali and this week, EISB joins with our Korean friends in celebrating Chuseok!

Stay tuned for more information about the Chuseok holiday in the coming week, and come celebrate with us! 🙂

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