How does storytelling help children’s development?

Reading and storytelling with children promotes brain development and imagination, develops language and emotions, and strengthens relationships. Young children often enjoy books, songs, and stories with good rhyme, rhythm, and repetition. Anytime is a good time for a book or story!

What makes a good storyteller?

  1. The secret to storytelling… … is to have fun! …
  2. Don’t be nervous about reading aloud. …
  3. Stories and talking to your child are important. …
  4. Keeping your child interested in books. …
  5. Reading the same book again and again. …
  6. Top tips for choosing appropriate books and stories.

Why are stories so important?

Stories help us understand others and ourselves. We feel empathy with the characters we encounter in stories. This ability to learn from stories is a skill that will help our students throughout their lives. In addition to academic goals, stories enrich lives and provide guidance to the living.

Year 2 focuses a lot on storytelling through various activities. We work with words, texts on their appropriate level.

Ms. Eva Gogova

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