Finding Art in themselves

Year 7 learners started their Secondary Artistic journey studying …. themselves. In the age of the “Selfie,“ focusing on the detials of self through self-portrait, instead of photoshop, is great place to start. They explored drawing proportions fo the face, working with shadows, how to capture details: nose, mouth, hair, and eyes.

After exploring the real proportions and pencil drawing focused was moved to study of Andy Warhol. As we know Andy Warhol was famous for his pop-art colourful portraits of the famous singers, actors, writers, filmakers,…etc.

First , students studied his technique of silk-screening and looked for inspirations. After getting familiar with Warhol’s interesting life, career and work the learners turned into pop-stars and created their own amazing colourful self-portraits a` la Andy Warhol..

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