Bratislava Half Marathon Club

What is happening?

On the weekend of April 2nd/ 3rd, there will be the Bratislava Half Marathon and 10 race taking place around the city. This year, EISB would like to help train a group of students willing to test themselves so they can complete this challenge.

Who can join?

Unfortunately, there is an age restriction of 16 on race day to enter the half-marathon race so this will only be available to those who are of the age (high school).

This is open to anyone from a beginner to an experienced runner who would like to represent EISB in the half-marathon race.

If you would just like to improve your running and are not keen on doing the race, then you are more than welcome to join also for the sessions.

How will this club work?

Alongside your individual training that you will do for the race, we will also hold 2 school sessions a week from 3-4 where we will do anything from easy social runs to interval training. However, both sessions are not meant to be mandatory as you can also train on your own or come to only 1 session a week.

Where can I hear more information about this exciting club?

If you would like to know more information about taking part, come to my room (302) on Wednesday 28/09/22 at 14:15.

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