Sometimes you win, sometimes you learn

Jiun, Mina and Adelka watch a tennis match at the NTC as part of the Peugot Slovak Open ATP Challenger Tournament.

Athletes from the racket skills club: Mina, Adelka and Jiun recently attended the Peugot Slovak Open Tournament to experience what a professional tennis atmosphere is like. They learned how a tennis draw works, how to count the points and what is expected of an audience at a tennis tournament. They also got to witness the power of the serves, the player’s constant foot movement, their speed, and all the other skills a tennis player needs to develop to be successful. One of the things that the students were surprised about was that there was no tie – someone had to win, and someone had to loose, although we all agreed that loosing was just another learning opportunity, a way to help you analyze what you can improve for next time.

If your child is still undecided about what sport to try, tennis is a great option – I consider it a gift for life: a sport that can be played well at any age, that is social when you need it to be, and competitive if that is what you are looking for. Not only does it make you a stronger athlete, but it builds character and sportsmanship, skills that one can definitely use off the court as well.

Racket skills club takes place on a mini court used with ‘red’ level tennis balls which have a smaller bounce but allow for the player to develop all tennis strokes using a smaller surface area.

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