Ancient Greek Theatre – Done!

MYP3 has now completed their unit on Ancient Greek Theatre.  For their final assessment, they were given the following instructions.

Aim: To demonstrate what you have learned about Ancient Greek theatre through the performance of a Greek myth.

Task: Your group will go back to your Greek myth from a few lessons ago and create a complete performance, including the use of masks.

  1. You must follow the rules of Ancient Greek choral performances, including how you enter the stage.
  2. You will need to plan your stage, including a scene, a proscenion, a thymela, and maybe even paradoi.  There is space below for a diagram.
  3. Your chorus needs a koryphaios. Who is it? _______________________
  4. Write a short prologue.
  5. The action of the myth should be mimed, with the narration done as a chorus (unison, solos, etc.)
  6. Everyone will wear a mask, and you may now decorate your mask according to your part in the performance.  (Your mask must make sense: no Spiderman, etc.)
  7. Your performance will be filmed, and you will answer the reflection questions on the next page.

Things to Consider:

  • Does your group want to create a “costume” so you look like a chorus?
  • What sort of face should you create on your mask?  Why?
  • Projecting: remember, wearing a mask makes it difficult for your audience to understand you.  (Our masks don’t work like the originals.)

Did they succeed? Judge for yourself.  Here’s an example.

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