Developing Student Entrepreneurs at EISB with the 3P3D Business competition

EISB is hosting the 3P3D non-virtual business competition this spring.  

The competition develops and identifies entrepreneurial skills in students by actually doing business. It is for teams of students from 10-19 years old.

3P3D competitions run in thee phases:

  1. Product design – students imagine, design and create prototypes of an original product to sell. For this competition, it will be done with our 3D Printing partner 3D-Inux.
  2. Promotion of the product online to collect real world responses
  3. Pitch the value of the business to real investors

What makes the program unique is that the learning doesn’t happen in a computer program with results controlled by an algorithm, instead, the competition uses:

  • Real Products in
  • Real Markets producing
  • Real World Results.

The competition is completely student led and driven.  There is no experience necessary in any of the phases, the only expectation is to try, the only failure is to not.

Examples and success stories of successful Teen Entrepreneurs can be found at:

Teen Entrepreneurs

Meet ‘Shark Tank’ kid entrepreneurs

To join the competition students simply gather a team and register ONLINE

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