Hviezdoslavov Kubín 2020 – category 2 and 3

by Roman Krátky, Slovak Language Teacher

A school round of Slovak national recitation competition took place on Monday 10th February. Our students from Year 6 have participated in category 2, which included students from MYP 1 as well. Students from MYP 2 and MYP 3 competed in a category 3.

All students came well-prepared, even though there was a light scent of nervousness. The reciters did their best, however, there is always only one winner. This year’s winner of the second category was Viktor Izák from Year 6. The second place belongs to Nastja Danyliuk from, followed by Alexandra Baldovič in third place (both MYP 1).

The winner of the third category was Tamara Tardová from MYP 2. Viktor Doliak from MYP 3 deserves a lot of credit for his second place as he has shown to older students, that these types of competitions are really valid even when you are older. Viktória Lovásová from MYP 2 took third place, but the decision was really tough.

Ms Bartková, Mrs Hurajová and I would like to thank all the contestants for their great work. We wish the winners good luck in the next round.

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