Secondary School Message

We have had a successful start to this year.  We have a wonderful body of young people and staff who have risen to the challenges of rebooting the secondary school.  As a small school we, have invested in being able to offer as wide a range of high school subject choices as many larger schools, providing greater attention to each learner.  As we grow, extra-curricular events and clubs are sprouting up – not because people are directed to do so, but from people’s initiative. Simply allowing and enabling people to take constructive action, means that new initiatives will flourish.  Learners and staff are coming forward with new ideas all the time – from learner-led clubs to skating events, from reviewing teaching and learning, to providing new language lessons, our in-school community is realising what they can do when they realise the school is theirs.

Now, with New Year arriving, let’s make some resolutions (and stick to them beyond February).  Let’s resolve to build our school as a community. We have some parents who are very active in supporting school but not as many as I would hope.  I’d like to work on ways to develop more of a partnership with parents, to bring them into school, to explore ways to support their teenagers in this very important period of their schooling and to create a positive and welcoming environment for parental involvement.

So, thanks to all our teaching and non-teaching staff, who have battled to overcome a variety of difficulties at the start of the year; thanks to all our families who make what we’re doing possible; and thanks to all our wonderful young people who continue to emerge as creators of positive change in our world.

I hope you had a Merry Christmas, a wonderful break and Happy New Year!

Robert Thorn
Head of Secondary
English International School of Bratislava

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