EISB Home Learning: While Social Distancing, Complete your academic year with EISB

In many locations throughout the world, governments are announcing that schools will not open again until September 2020, leaving students and parents to wonder about their academic futures. 

 In Slovakia, the home country to EISB, the government has announced a suspension to grading for the academic year with automatic admittance into next levels.  A nice stress relief to those wondering how social distancing will affect academics,  but still doesn’t address the absence of learning.

At EISB, our approach to learning has been about skill development, “teaching beyond the tests,” and “Learning beyond Grades.”  “Grades,” at EISB are an indication of learning. Although there will not be grades, learning is still the focus.   

The EISB Home Learning program continues EISB education as affectively at home as in the classroom including our Early Primary classes for students from 5 years old.

Keys to our home learning program:

  • Live engagement – teaching interaction
  • Little to no parent involvement
  • Flexible adjustments for limited screen-time
  • Fun, interactive, interesting and motivating

EISB is taking applications for those who wish to spend the rest of the academic year advancing their learning skills. If you’d like to join EISB Home Learning or would like more information.  Visit us at:

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