Games & the I&S classroom: MytopiaCity Journey

“Marketing Humber has commissioned a building simulation game to highlight the impact that carbon emissions have on the environment. MyTopia – Green City Builder, has been launched ahead of The Waterline Summit, to demonstrate how the choices people make have an impact on the planet.”
-Stephen Chapman, 2020

In the expansive landscape of Individuals and Societies, our MYP4 students undertook an insightful exploration within the interactive domain of MytopiaCity. Their academic pursuit centered on the intricate task of shaping the trajectory of a sustainable city for a virtual community, demanding an understanding of social dynamics, sustainability principles, and effective resource management.

Engaging with MytopiaCity transcended conventional learning as students accessed the game, making careful choices that influenced the development of the simulated city. This experiential odyssey served as a bridge between theory and practice, providing a firsthand glimpse into the consequences of their decisions on the virtual community they were tasked with nurturing.

The students’ journey through MytopiaCity demonstrated to be a transformative power of experiential learning in developing a holistic understanding of complex societal dynamics.

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