“This year I would like to get better at….”

Do you know the phrase: “Nothing grows in a comfort zone?” As the new year is here and YOU  are trying to improve things or oneself, we have a whole school activity for you to contemplate on `This year I would like to get BETTER at….` On a template of a star shape you have the opportunity to write your goals, dreams or new year’s resolutions.  On our EISB  resolution tree stars are hanging with your comments like: “I would like to be better at Spanish and be stronger” or “I would like to stay in contact with friends and explore new place”….
There is a plethora of research showing that self-betterment is crucial for our mental health.  Polish Psychologists Anna Maria Zawadska and Anna Szabowska – Walaszczyk from University of Gdansk conducted a study on self-improvement and well – being in life. The results obtained  showed that readiness for SELF-IMPROVEMENT is  related to and does  also account for WELL-BEING. Readiness for self-improvement (i.e. readiness to improve oneself) accounted for overall LIFE SATISFACTION within important human life domains and satisfaction with the present and future life.
It’s wonderful to see that you are striving to be BETTER and challenge yourself in all areas of your life. Keep it up so our school can be an even better place for you and others.
 Good luck towards your goals and towards `better, beautiful YOU`.

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