EISB Home Learning Program: How Modern Education is surviving in social distancing

The current worldwide health crisis has schools throughout the world scrambling to adjust to the new reality, attempting to continue to provide timely education to their students most of whom are locked away in their homes.  EISB is no exception with its doors being suddenly closed since 10 March with little or rather (to be honest) no preparation to switch to a full home learning program.

As with many throughout the world, a number of EISB teachers dove in, committed to continuing student learning in an unprecedented situation.  It is because of their tireless efforts that the formal EISB Home Learning Program was able to evolve.

Being a school with a philosophical basis on modern education, the learning, regardless of where, is flexible and adaptable focusing on developing learning skills for a world that is in constant change.  That teaching was forced to do the same, was only a matter of time to adapt.  

At EISB, participation is priority.  Making mistakes is an important part of the learning process and as students get more comfortable, they are willing to take more risks, which means their return on learning is much higher.  Now, it is the teachers turn to “practice what they preach,” and apply the same accelerated learning skills they instill in their students to adapt to this new reality.

The result, the official EISB Home Learning Program which is committed to:

  1. Completing student learning for the year AND finish at the originally scheduled time
  2. Continuing our unique approach to learning and skill development
  3. Take advantage of opportunities that present for greater learner benefit
  4. Do whatever possible to support EISB families

What we like about the program is it not only provides a structure conducive to effective home learning, but also recognizes and helps develop routines that make quarantine more tenable for families.

The program also helps take advantage of the situation to further develop its educational approach of: Learning how to Learn, Learning how to Think, Learning how to Reason and Learning how to Communicate, as students are forced to be more independent in using and applying learning resources.

Of course, there are downsides, but the program is not static and ridged, but designed to grow, develop and evolve to the ongoing changes throughout the world and the people directly involved.

Much of its success is due to the commitment of the teachers, students and parents to buy-in, provide feedback and work together…and we’ve only just started.

Education will drastically change worldwide as a result of this new reality. EISB is committed to continue providing its students with the advantages that present itself as a result.  It was built to do so from the beginning.

Stay tuned to the EISB pages over the next weeks as we share those results and how the students are continuing to do amazing things.

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