EISB Masterclasses Fall 2021

Dear EISB family,

We invite you to participate in EISB regular trainings. We offer you the following Masterclasses. At the moment we would like to know your interest. If there will be interest, selected courses may start  next week. Please indicate your interest by filling out the form at the end of the page.

Masterclasses at the EISB school premises

* Yoga Lesson – Wednesday at 8:30 (The course will be open to a minimum of 5 participants)

* Conversational English – Friday, at 8:30

* Latino Salsa Lesson for individuals (Beginners) – Tuesday, at 8:15

* Cooking Classes (Keto Diet Course) – Tuesday or Thursday, at 15:00 (Fee per course at Euphoria Daily)

Other – your proposal

* If you are interested in courses which are not listed above, please write your proposal in a comment

You can choose more than one activity.

Thank you.