The Year 2s Are Party Planners!

We have been extremely busy in Year 2 learning about all sorts of new topics. Our goal for this unit is to become party planners! This means that by the end of October we’ll have planned and set up a party from scratch. This includes preparing healthy food, a floor plan, fun games, and good music.

But to start this very ambitious mission off, we’ve had to find and read many delicious recipes so we can choose our favorites to include in our very own recipe book.  We’ve also looked into the importance of healthy living, eating and exercise. We plan to have all of these incorporated into our party so that we’re able to teach everyone about the importance of healthy living as well.

We would like to invite you to our party on the 22nd of October! Be prepared to eat, exercise, play and learn lots of new things with Year 2!

Miss Yasmin – Year 2

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