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Physical Education in a COVID-19 World: Online learning.

Since late February or early March schools all over the world have had to face a strange battle. This battle seems to have turned into an ongoing war with no end in sight. Physical Education teachers have not had it easy either. If students lack sports equipment at home then they feel like they can’t take part in PE lessons online.

Joe Wicks tried to do “PE” lessons online

Others wonder how can a PE teacher teach students about sports online? Most people will think of Joe Wicks as the prime example of what a PE teacher should do online. But he isn’t a qualified PE teacher. Yes, the students will learn how to do a fitness workout. But are they learning about the different strands of Physical Education?

Oliver from MYP 1 recreating the olympic sport of Curling

The academy students are now participating in online learning. MYP 1 have been learning about the Olympics and recreating different Olympic sports at home. This unit is focusing on one summer olympic sport and one winter olympic sport. Some of which are below.

Evelyn from MYP 1 working on her Karate.

They have begun by learning about Curling and Karate and then recreating them at home with whatever equipment they have. This allows the students to learn about world wide sports and how to perform them. Finally their creativeness comes to the fore when they create and perform them on camera. This also allows PE to be enjoyable as well as mostly stress free as they do not need to worry about lack of equipment at home.

Alexandra from MYP 1 recreating speed skating

This idea is something the students of MYP 1 seem to have grabbed with both hands and seem to be really enjoying it. Week 2 changed the sports to fencing and speed skating. Once again the students needed to be as creative as possible when trying to recreate their chosen sports. Once again they grabbed the opportunity and succeeded.

Vlad from MYP 1 recreating the Olympic sport of Fencing

Thank you to all parents who have been able to help their children recreate these sports at home. Without your calming influence they would be nervous to recreate them. Thank you.

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