Primary Drama Club

Last Spring, Mr.Jim Clipp (Year 5 teacher) and I, started offering Drama clubs for Primary students and we also continued this academic year, in Fall term. We usually plan 12 sessions once a week ( 3 months) and in the end there is a performance. At EISB Primary students have lessons of Music and Art, but Drama lessons start from Year 7 and higher. As we believed that drama clusb for students provide numerous educational benefits that contribute to their overall development. To mention some of the advantages:

Drama activities encourage students to use their imagination and creativity. Our students are so creative and enthusiastic that so far they have always written their own scenarios.

Writing a scenario
Dividing of the characters








Participation in a drama club helps improve verbal and non-verbal communication skills. Students learn to articulate their thoughts, express emotions, and communicate more effectively with their peers.

Acting in front of an audience, even a small one within the club, helps build confidence. Overcoming stage fright and performing in various roles contribute to increased self-esteem.

Drama often involves group activities and performances, promoting teamwork and collaboration. Students learn to work together, share ideas, and contribute to a common goal, developing essential interpersonal skills.

Learning lines and cues in a play can enhance memory skills. The memorization process required for performances can contribute to improved cognitive abilities.

The Lost Phone Play: Arguing about a stolen phone



At the police station

Drama inherently involves public speaking, and participating in a drama club helps students develop effective public speaking skills. This skill is valuable not only in performance contexts but also in various academic and professional settings.




And last but not least, drama activities provide a fun and engaging way for students to learn. The enjoyable nature of drama can make learning more memorable and encourage a positive attitude toward education. Our drama club sessions are never boring, neither for teachers.






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