What to Experience in Slovakia

At EISB we have many students, parents and teachers who would like to get to know Slovakia a little better so I would like to share some of my recommendations.

How to get around:

Car is most convenient, but there are very good train and bus connections to reach all corners of Slovakia. Students and seniors with EU citizenship or residence are offered free railway tickets in Slovakia after registration. To find the best connection to your destination you can use www.cp.sk or Google Maps.


  1. High Tatras – beautiful mountain range in the north of Slovakia for hiking or skiing
  2. Bojnice – fairytale castle, hot springs and the oldest ZOO in Slovakia
  3. Banská Štiavnica – medieval town hidden in the middle of mountains

Recommended Cities to Visit:

  1. Trnava
  2. Nitra
  3. Skalica
  4. Trenčín
  5. Kremnica
  6. Banská Bystrica and Zvolen
  7. Košice
  8. Bardejov
  9. Levoča

Castles and Chateaux:

  1. Castles near Bratislava: Devín, Pajštún and Červený Kameň
  2. Smolenice
  3. Topoľčianky
  4. Oravský hrad
  5. Spišský hrad
  6. Betliar and Krásna Hôrka


  1. Trnava
  2. Senec
  3. Aqualand Moravia in Czech Republic
  4. Wellness Patince
  5. Aquapark Bešeňová
  6. Tatralandia
  7. AquaCity Poprad

Sports (hiking, swimming, biking):

  1. Liptov Region (Jasná Ski Resort, Liptovská Mara Water Dam, Tatralandia Aquapark)
  2. Slovenský raj
  3. National Park Malá Fatra – Terchová
  4. National Park Slovenský kras
  5. National Park Muránska planina

Spa Towns:

  1. Piešťany
  2. Rajecké Teplice
  3. Turčianske Teplice
  4. Trenčianske Teplice
  5. Bojnice


  1. Dobšiná Ice Cave
  2. Domica Cave
  3. Ochtinská Aragonite Cave



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