Pet Club: Weighing a puppy

Weighing a puppy is an important aspect of its care, especially during the early stage of life. Regular monitoring of a puppy’s weight helps ensure proper growth and development. Once in our Pet Club on Fridays afternoon I brought the scale to school for measuring my puppy named Sandra. And of course every Friday afternoon I bring the most important “prop” of the club: Sandra! The best way for me is to measure Sandra with a person standing on scale on their own and then with Sandra. So it was also a bit of Math that day in Puppy Club for all students. We also learned that we should do the measuring in the mornings, before eating, and weighing should be without any collars or other accessories. We also kept a record over time to track puppy’s growth patterns. Regular weighing of your pets also helps to monitor their health. Sudden changes in weight, either gain or loss, can be an indication of health issues and if, you should consult a veterinarian. Weighing is one form of taking care of pets. Caring for a puppy starts up a sense of responsibility in children as well as empathy and compassion as they learn how to meet the needs of another living being. Usually on Friday afternoons everybody there is cuter, nicer and kinder in the Pet Club.

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