The Cutebot Challenge

For all MYP 1/2/3 students

The challenge is to program the Smart Cutebot and micro:bit (with MakeCode or Python) to autonomously navigate the full length of the corridor outside room 210 (around 20m, starting from outside room 215), in the minimum amount of time, without touching the walls or obstacles on the way!


  • You cannot draw guiding lines on the floor, nor use lights or sounds to guide the robot.
  • You cannot control the robot remotely. It must be entirely autonomous from the start line.
  • The Cutebot must not make any contact with walls or obstacles.

Apart from the sensors which are already on the micro:bit, there is a lot of on-board equipment on the Cutebot including an ultrasonic and distance sensor, two RGB LED headlights and clearance lamps on the bottom, two line-tracking probes, and an active buzzer.

The winner will receive a free micro:bit worth €30!

Watch the video below to find out more about the Smart Cutebot

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