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Happy Teachers’ Day!

Dear Parents,

It was a significant holiday on March 28, the International Teachers’ Day.  We, the Board of  your EISB Parents Association have prepared a little  surprise for the teachers of our kids, where the kids could express their thanks and respect in their own words.

We would like to say a big THANK YOU to the teachers for their amazing work during this hard year. We have prepared a greetings card for every teacher from their students. Children could write why their teacher is so special for them and what they like most about the teachers.

Some students wrote a short poem to say thank you. We collected all those nice messages through our class parents and packed the greetings full of admiration and  love together with a sweet surprise, a Merci chocolate, because our teachers deserve it!  During Friday snack time teachers found our little gift on the noticeboard with a shiny smile. 🙂

Thank you for the amazing and demanding work, for connecting online and full-time teaching in the classroom at the same time. 
We are proud to have such an excellent high quality international team of talented, experienced, energetic and motivated teachers. We are grateful that our children are educated and happy at school! Thank you!
We hope this tradition will catch on and our children can do this themselves next year.

Your EISB PA Board

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