EISB opens Pre-School for 2020-2021 to add to its Early Years Program

Pre-School + Year 1

The EISB Pre-school, for children 3-4 years old, joins a newly updated Early Years Program. The program recognizes that early childhood development is not fixed to a number, rather on the child’s own learning experience, their physical, mental, social and emotional development.

Each child is unique and therefore develops in their own unique way.  As is consistent with the overall EISB modern educational approach, EISB Early Years focuses on the development of learners and learning skills.

EISB believes that children have an endless number of ways of learning. This is then reflected in the many materials, methods, instruments, activities, ideas and tools that are presented to the children. The learning tools are available to children based on their ongoing interests. It is a hands on approach to learning and discovering.

Our approach believes that children use many different ways to show their understanding and express their creativity, thinking and discovering through drawing, sculpting, dance, movement, painting, pretend play, modelling and music.

The program also recognizes that children not only develop differently, but also are at different stages in various skill sets: language, writing, creativity, reading etc. Within the Early Years program, each student will have the ability to develop at their own pace by discovering their own ways, all coming together at the end of the program ready to move on to the next level of development together.

We’re very excited to add the Pre-School to an already highly successful Year 1 program.

To learn more about EISB Pre-School and the Early Years program feel free to send an inquiry and come in for a visit.

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