San Valentín 2023

Spanish students have been working during the last weeks in several San Valentine workshops. Each phase studied new vocabulary, idioms and curiosities about this celebration.

Phase 1

Students created a survey to find out which are the most popular personality traits and physical appearances. After sending the survey, they collected data from around 100 people and showed these data to their colleagues through a presentation. They found some interesting results:

  • The most popular personality traits are generosity, intelligence, patience and sympathy.
  • The most popular physical appearances are brown hair, medium height and brown eyes.

– Phase 2

Students were tasked with writing a travel itinerary for a romantic couple’s trip to a destination in the Spanish-speaking world for Valentine’s Day. They had to justify why they chose their destination, detail how they would get there, what they would do there, why they chose these activities/attractions, and how they planned to get back.

– Phase 3

The Spanish students’ main task was to create a “Tarjeta de San Valentin.” This card is composed of two parts: the first is a haiku (a Japanese poem of seventeen syllables in three lines of five, seven, and five, traditionally evoking images of the natural world), and the second is an informal letter to a special person.

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